More fun in the sun

We were blessed with hot sunshine again this afternoon and the children just love coming in the pool to cool off. On Monday this little girl, Amishka wouldn't leave my side, she clung to me, she followed me and little by little she began to trust me and you know what? She did it, she put her face in the water and blew bubbles today, I was so lucky to capture her first face dip on camera! Shortly after this she was walking around the pool with no aids, trying it all by herself, every time she came up for air she beamed as if she had discovered a whole new world down there. Tomorrow she wants to learn breaststroke! Go Amishka!

Amishka, age 7!

A quick water safety chat from Charlotte and Stacey by the sea with the 3 year olds. They are also joined by Jam, the famous swimming bear!

Cameion a very nervous non swimmer aged only 3 hasn't said one word to me all week, she has tried very little that has been asked of her, she has just sat and played beautifully on the steps and calmly watched the other little boy in her class....then another magical moment happened.......She lent down and blew bubbles behind her fingers, then she reached out to me and we did some songs to break the ice. It was smiles all round from then on......

And even some back rides!!!

Likkle swimmers (and myself) are so very thankful for the equipment donated by Swim Fusion Swim School in Kent, Swim Works Swim School in Warwickshire, Rutlands Swim School in Rutland and Kates Swimming, also in Kent. It is being used each and everyday by these children helping to instil safety and a love for the water..

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