What is a teacher?

Being a swimming teacher is so much more than "Teaching swimming", it is being an educator, a listener, someone proactive who can differentiate between learners needs, an enthusiast, a friend, a role model. It's about having the ability to engage people, to make every task light and fun.

To some, I may just be a "swimming teacher" but I now know in both my head and my heart, that I am so much more.


And how did I come to this conclusion? Well, I laid in a hammock and thought about it!

I also took some time out today to go and do a litter pick on the beach. Such a shame to see rubbish not only washed up, but left here by locals too. We are so lucky to live on this beautiful planet......why do we choose to abuse it?

I mostly found plastic, bits of flip flops and bottle tops. There are Turtles nesting only the next beach along to the left of this photo and private residences to the right, which of those do you think is more likely to eat this rubbish and get sick or die?

After the thinking and the rubbish collecting, I once again did what I was here for, I taught swimming!

Charlotte and I taught the pre schoolers some vital turning skills, making it fun with a turn, turn, boo game!

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